Bespoke Software

Whatever the requirement, our experienced development team create rock-solid, efficient software solutions to support your business.

Typical Projects:

  • Management Dashboards – combine information from various source to visualise performance, operating statistics or business health.
  • Software Customisation – custom module/plugins for existing piece of software e.g. Sage, XERO, SAP
  • Web APIs – public facing API endpoints to provide business information to clients and for integrations into other platforms.

IT Consultancy

We provide onsite or remote specialists to help with projects, transitions or general support of your systems and processes.

Typical Projects:

  • Assign with moving websites and applications away from an existing supplier.
  • Independent project management of any IT project such as migration to cloud software from traditional software.
  • Advice on a potential software solution or specification review / creation.

Systems Integration

We can link your systems together using either pre-existing APIs or via custom middle-ware, helping you see ‘one source of truth’ in your business data.

Typical Projects:

  • Link system to each another e.g. for example have new orders received by email automatically added to your accounts package.
  • API integration – hook other systems into your own, for example connect orders from your e-commerce store into your warehouse management system.
  • ‘Cloud-ready’ your business –  – expose your systems to major cloud services so it can connect easily to your clients software systems e.g. allow your system to link to common accounts packages.

Product Development

We can work to make your software product a reality. Our team cover all major disciplines and platforms and can work alongside you to bring your software concepts to market.

Typical Projects:

  • Productise your processes – lets say you have a process that you have developed a great solution for that you think could be sold to other business, we can help.
  • APP Development – though of the next Instragram or Snapchat? Our developers can create any APP you can think of on any platform.

Website Services

Full service web design, maintenance and support, over a decade or practical experience looking after business websites and web applications.

Typical Projects:

  • Website Creation – need a new website for your business, no problem!
  • Website Migration – struggling with your current supplier? We can help you move your website putting you back in control.
  • Ongoing Amends – we provide affordable maintenance packages and hourly rate services for almost any website work you may need.
  • Hosting – we have over a decade of experience hosting all sizes of website, from small status websites to load balanced high availability clusters we can help and provide ongoing Sysops as needed. From low-cost single site hosting to consolidated multisite/domains and dedicated servers.
  • Domain names & DNS Management – if you want the peace of mind of your domain names being looked after by experienced people, look no further. We offer full domain name registrations, renewal and managed DNS solutions to fit any requirement.
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